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The Waiting Game

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Excerpt from For the Love of Maude by Denise Liebig

Months have passed, and new bride, Emily Stanton, hasn't seen her husband since the day after their wedding. The only thing she can count on in this snapshot from For the Love of Maude is more broken promises:

There I stood, teetering on the precipice of where I’d been and where I needed to go. Dell, my mom, and my life were somewhere down the tunnel on my right. I squinted into its long darkness, eventually losing sight of the taillights from the car I’d just exited. I continued to strain my senses until the echoing engine noise left only silence. Then I took a deep breath before slowly turning to my left and the approaching welcoming committee.
I was in one of the H&S basement laboratories, subterranean portals to the past and future, equipped with more security than Fort Knox. Located beneath structures they called “safe houses,” their labs were connected to elaborate systems of high-speed tunnels that allowed time travel via specially modified vintage automobiles. I could still smell the exhaust from the light blue 1957 Corvette, whose driver had just delivered me.
I looked around the giant warehouse space in search of my husband; as usual, I was left disappointed. I tried to remain hopeful each time I traveled, but I was growing tired of playing the H&S waiting game.

--- Excerpt from For the Love of Maude

Tired and lonely, Emily continues to be shuffled around like a piece of paper, that is until a handsome surrogate arrives to keep her company. Read more in For the Love of Maude, available at the following retailers:

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